Punta Gorda Sex Crime Lawyer

An accusation of a sex crime alone has the potential to damage your good name, but a conviction can cause irreparable damage to nearly all aspects of your life. At the Wallace Law Firm we understand what you are going through and we want you to know that our knowledgeable Punta Gorda sex crime attorneys can help you.

Have you been accused of a sex crime in Florida? It is imperative to seek a competent criminal defense attorney who knows how do defend you. We urge you to contact our law firm today to protect your rights and discuss your legal options.

Fort Myers Rape Defense Lawyers Defending Your Rights and Your Reputation

Founder Dennis R. Wallace II, has prosecuted defendants charged with various sexual offenses and child abuse/neglect in the Lee County Special Victims Unit. Having been on the prosecuting side for a period of his legal career, he understands how the court looks at sex crime cases, ultimately helping our firm effectively defend our clients.

Sexual abuse defense lawyer Dennis R. Wallace II has helped men and women in Punta Gorda, Fort Myers and throughout southwest Florida with challenging sex crime charges involving:

  • Sexual battery
    • Rape
    • Statutory rape
    • Date rape
    • Lewd and lascivious molestation
  • Child sex abuse
  • Molestation
  • Distribution of Internet porn
  • Solicitation/prostitution
  • Indecent exposure

Let us help you protect your reputation and your freedom by aggressively working to minimize those charges against you or obtain an acquittal in court. We realize the severity of a sex crime conviction and we know how to build a solid and compelling defense plan to combat those accusations you face.

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