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Weathering life’s storms

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Family Law

Thank you for your time and for you interest in our Punta Gorda family law blog. In this space we will be exploring a wide variety of topics, such as divorce and fathers’ rights issues that can include child support and paternity challenges. We’ll also dive into other important family law issues such as child custody and property division, of course.

Here in idyllic Punta Gorda, it is sometimes easy to forget that life isn’t always warm and easygoing. When a marriage unravels, life can fill up with arguments, loneliness, money problems and worry. And when the end of a marriage is in sight or inevitable, it’s time to sit down and discuss matters with an experienced family law attorney.

From our Punta Gorda office, the Wallace Law Firm represents clients in Port Charlotte, Englewood and throughout southwest Florida. Our goal is to understand your unique situation, your priorities and goals in your family law dispute and then to decisively and effectively act to protect you, your rights and your interests.

In a divorce that involves children, we help you protect your child’s best interests while we make sure your parental rights are recognized as custody agreements and parenting plans are negotiated or litigated.

We also understand that in some cases, a parent will discover after a divorce that a custody arrangement or visitation agreement should be modified. We provide capable legal assistance in those often difficult matters as well.

We’re here to help. Please take a look at our Port Charlotte Florida Divorce Attorney page to learn more about how the Wallace Law Firm can serve you.


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