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Why successful coparenting doesn’t have to be a dream

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Family Law

Once the ink finally dries on a divorce decree, it’s understandable how parents might still feel some degree of nervousness. That’s because even if they were able to resolve matters with relatively little conflict, the process more than likely proved stressful to their children who may still be having difficulty adjusting.

The good news, according to experts, is that there are steps that can be taken to ease children’s transition to their new post-divorce reality. In fact, there are some who might argue that all it really boils down to is the former spouses being ready, willing and able to commit to successful coparenting.

While this may sound promising in theory, many couples might understandably wonder what exactly it is that they can do to facilitate successful coparenting. According to experts, the answer is perhaps not as elusive as they might believe.

Create a partnership

While it can be hard for divorced parents to think of one another as anything but their ex, experts urge them to start viewing one another as a partner. This means moving past negative feelings and keeping matters focused solely on their child.

Interestingly, experts suggest parents begin treating one another as they would their child’s teacher, someone with whom they would only ever discuss matters relating to their child and their best interests.

Set boundaries and stay focused

Another key component of successful coparenting, say experts, is parents making a conscious effort to stay focused on topics relating solely to their children and gently reminding one another when the conversation begins to wander.

In addition, experts advise parents to resist the temptation to squabble and, if necessary, take a timeout to remember what’s most important: reaching solutions that benefit their children.

Stick to it

Finally, experts urge parents not to give up if a conversation with the other parent goes poorly, as there are bound to be difficult times. Successful coparenting, they argue, requires patience, determination and a willingness to forgive and forget.

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