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Divorce and child custody tips for Florida men

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Family Law

Reaching the end of a marriage is never easy for parents. As fathers, many men in Florida feel particularly ill-equipped to navigate the waters of being a single parent. It may be helpful to know that now is a truly great time in human history to be a divorced dad. There are plenty of ways to embrace one’s new role as a co-parent and to create a child custody situation that works for all involved.

In decades past, the process of obtaining divorce was set up in a manner that put both spouses in their best fighting stances. Many states required one or both spouses to prove “grounds” for divorce. Those legal justifications for the end of a marriage usually included only abuse, adultery or some sort of criminal activity, none of which are conducive to forging a new relationship as co-parents. Today, no-fault divorce laws allow parents to end their union without having to go into battle, which results in a better chance to work together as co-parents.

Also, fathers are far more involved in the lives of their children than ever before, including after divorce. Dads can play a major role and should embrace that option. While it is easy to fall into the pattern of “good-time” dad, it is important to remember that kids need discipline and structure while in both households.

Finally, social science research has made great strides in changing the way that we think about divorce and child custody. Gone are the days when both parents believed that the other was in better financial shape after a divorce. Myths surrounding “deadbeat dads” are also being debunked by research. What these changes reveal is an environment that is perfectly geared toward a more collaborative approach to raising happy and healthy children, even after a Florida divorce.

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