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April 2016 Archives

A property division lawyer is a significant asset during divorce

When a couple seeks to end their union, the process of dividing marital wealth often becomes a central focus. That process begins with both spouses disclosing the full range of wealth, regardless of whether the assets are considered separate or marital property. Without the proper level of disclosure, it is virtually impossible to reach a fair settlement. Unfortunately, there are many spouses in Florida and elsewhere who will go to great lengths to shield assets from loss during divorce. In such cases, having a good property division lawyer working on one's behalf is an asset in and of itself.

In some Florida cases, custody decisions could be revisited

An unusual series of events has left many West Coast parents wondering if their custody cases were handled in the proper manner. A family court mediator has been charged with falsifying records in a child custody case, and attorneys in the area have been notified that any cases that they have worked on that were associated with the mediator could be subject to new hearings. That has left many people in Florida and across the nation debating just how easily a legal matter can become unduly influenced.

Florida parents should not vie for "most popular" award

As parents prepare for divorce, there are a number of things that can be done to smooth the road ahead. Co-parenting will present a number of challenges, not the least of which is the reality that both parents will end up spending less time with their kids than they did while the marriage was intact. This can lead to a situation in which Florida parents feel as though they have to pander to the wishes of their kids while they have them, in order to maximize the impact that their parenting role will have. This is sometimes known as seeking the "most popular parent" award, and it is never a good idea.

Tips for navigating graduation season after a Florida divorce

As summer fast approaches, many Florida families are preparing to celebrate a child's graduation. This is a landmark event in a young person's life, and a time when families gather from near and far. For those who have gone through a contentious divorce, it can also be a challenging time. The following tips are offered to help Florida parents navigate this tricky time and to keep the focus on their child.