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Tips for navigating graduation season after a Florida divorce

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Child Custody

As summer fast approaches, many Florida families are preparing to celebrate a child’s graduation. This is a landmark event in a young person’s life, and a time when families gather from near and far. For those who have gone through a contentious divorce, it can also be a challenging time. The following tips are offered to help Florida parents navigate this tricky time and to keep the focus on their child.

The key to having a positive graduation experience lies in communication. Parents have to be willing to talk with one another about the events surrounding their child’s graduation. Even if that communication is solely through email, it is absolutely imperative to talk about how things will go beforehand.

This begins with coming to an agreement that graduation should be about the child and his or her achievements, and not the lingering resentment that exists between parents. When both parties are able to set aside their own emotions, it becomes easier to focus on the child. It should be possible to sit in the same place and watch a child receive his or her diploma, even if mom and dad are sitting on either side of two sets of grandparents. Presenting a unified show of support sends a powerful message to a child, especially when they know that parental unification is a rare thing.

A degree of cooperation should also be employed when scheduling graduation celebrations. The graduate should be able to spend time with all of the relatives who have come to witness this important life event. That may mean giving up some time so that the graduate can make the rounds. At the end of the day, this is an event that every Florida child should remember, as it marks the transition between childhood and adulthood.

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