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May 2016 Archives

Child custody and tax tips for Florida parents

Once parents in Florida have gone through a divorce and have determined issues of child custody, they often believe that the party who retains the bulk of parenting time will also receive all of the tax advantages that come with parenthood. This, however, is not necessarily true. It is possible for non-custodial parents in Florida to also share in the tax benefits associated with having a child.

A property division lawyer can guide splitting retirement assets

During a Florida divorce, many couples turn their focus toward dividing marital wealth. Retirement savings comprise a significant portion of many couple's assets. Each spouse is entitled to a share of those savings, but determining how to divide retirement accounts is more complicated than making a simple 50 percent calculation. Under the guidance of a property division lawyer, a fair and equitable agreement can be reached.

One more reason for Florida residents to consider a prenup

A great many readers are familiar with the hit television show "Big Bang Theory." The female star of that show, Kaley Cuoco, has made recent headlines over her divorce from her husband Ryan Sweeting, a professional tennis player. During that divorce, Sweeting sought a portion of Cuoco's sizable fortune. Her rock-solid prenuptial agreement, however, prevented him from prevailing, which should serve as a lesson to all Florida residents who are preparing to wed.

How can Florida residents afford a divorce?

The end of a marriage brings about a multitude of changes in the lives of all involved. This is nowhere more apparent than in matters of money. The financial landscape of both spouses will change following a Florida divorce. For many in the state, even coming up with the money to process the end of the marriage can be a challenge.