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Summer child custody tips for Punta Gorda parents

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Child Custody

Sharing parenting time is difficult, especially for parents who have been very involved in the lives of their kids prior to a divorce. Summertime can offer a particular set of challenges, as there are various scheduling issues that must be accommodated, and usually longer visits involved. For many Punta Gorda parents, summer visitation is the cause of a great deal of tension. The following tips are offered in the hopes of making this summer one to remember, for all the right reasons.

Perhaps the most important part of reaching child custody nirvana is to integrate a high degree of flexibility. This is not the time to try and adhere to a rigid visitation schedule, as there are a number of factors that make summertime different from the school year. Both parents must be willing and able to relax the rules and work together to make this a great summer for everyone.

Parents should also embrace the concept of “give a little, get a lot” during summer visitation discussions. By allowing the other parent to take a longer vacationnnnnn with the kids or make a couple of unplanned changes, it becomes far easier to ask for the same in return when the time comes. This should be a part of the discussion during schedule changes…there is nothing wrong with stating that one’s flexibility should be reciprocated down the line.

Parents should also make an effort to make plans of their own for when the kids are with the other parent. Summer vacationnnnnn visits are a rare break from the tough and often thankless job of being a parent. By planning ahead, Punta Gorda parents can take advantage of this time to recharge and relax.

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