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Family law attorney questions 50-year marriage

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Family Law

For most Florida couples, moving toward a divorce is a straightforward process. In some cases, however, matters are more complicated. Such is the case for entertainer Ben Vereen and his two wives. A family law attorney is now making the case for why Vereen should have to provide for the support of his first wife.

Vereen married his first wife in 1965, and they welcomed a child into the world shortly thereafter. They divorced in the 1970s, and Vereen went on to marry his second wife in 1976. That marriage lasted until 2012. When the couple tried to divorce, they discovered that their marriage was invalid due to the fact that Vereen had never legally divorced his first wife.

The first wife discovered that she was still married to Vereen when she tried to file for Social Security benefits. Now, she is asking for a legal divorce, and she is requesting that Vereen pay for the process. There is also a question of whether Vereen should pay any form of financial support because the first wife raised their child largely on her own.

As this case demonstrates, issues of marriage and divorce can become very complex depending on the circumstances. When a person has been previously married and divorced, it is important to check to make sure that the divorce process was properly completed. In some instances, the outcome of one divorce can be impacted by the outcome of another. This is yet another reason why having a good family law attorney is a critical part of achieving a favorable outcome in Florida or elsewhere.

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