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A property division lawyer can advise on home sales

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Property Division

For couples who been fortunate enough to purchase their own home, understanding how to best divide the value of that asset in a divorce can be a difficult task. Even when both parties agree on selling the home and dividing the proceeds, that process is not always as simple as it sounds. In areas in Florida where the real estate market is down, a property division lawyer can help guide clients toward the most advantageous choices.

It is important to understand that home’s value is highly dependent on the recent sales prices from nearby comparable properties. That means that homes that have gone into foreclosure or been sold via short sale can have a negative impact on a nearby home’s selling price. Overall real estate market trends can also make a house far more valuable one year than it may be the next.

For couples who are concerned that their home will not yield an appropriate price, a delayed sale may be the best available option. A divorce attorney can structure an agreement that allows one party to remain in the home while the real estate market recovers. That arrangement can yield a far higher sales price, which translates into more money for both parties.

While a delayed sale will not be a good solution for every Florida couple, there are  circumstances in which this is an excellent approach to pressing financial concerns. Spouses should work with a property division lawyer who can help them evaluate all available options and choose a path that suits their particular set of needs. In many cases, delaying the sale of a home by a predetermined amount of time can yield good results for all involved.

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