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December 2016 Archives

Family law attorney unable to assist man in divorce case

An unusual case has made headlines in Florida and elsewhere after a man was denied the right to divorce his wife. Most people assume that the ability to seek and obtain a divorce is a basic right, and cannot be lost under any set of circumstances. In reality, however, there are cases in which an individual has been prevented from divorcing, even when represented by a family law attorney

How a child custody attorney can protect children

Parents who are going through a child custody case are often shocked at how stressful the experience can be. When there are matters of safety involved, the experience can be devastating. Understanding how to protect children who are being subjected to abuse is critical to achieving a favorable outcome, and is an area where a skilled Florida child custody attorney can help.

Can a family law attorney serve papers through Facebook?

In certain circumstances, serving legal papers to an individual is a difficult task. This is often an issue when the individual who is being served is aware of the matter, but wants to avoid participating. The rules regarding legal service differ from one state to the next, but many Florida residents are aware that there have been a few cases where service has been allowed through Facebook, either using the services of a family law attorney or on one's own behalf.

5 Tips for fathers getting to know their children again

This scenario is all too common in Florida: During a prolonged separation and/or divorce, one parent manages to keep the children away from the other parent. Even if no outright alienation occurs, the consequences of such moves can be long-reaching.

How a pediatrician can assist Florida parents during divorce

When a family is going through a divorce, one of the earliest steps involves amassing one's divorce team. Spouses select their attorneys, look for financial advisors, interview real estate agents and consider various other professional services. One valuable resource that many Florida parents overlook, however, is their child's pediatrician.

Holiday visitation tips for Punta Gorda parents

Moving through divorce can be a difficult time for families. For some Punta Gorda parents, navigating the waters of divorce and child custody during the holiday season can be an especially challenging time. Those who can take a collaborative approach and put the needs of their children first can greatly improve the chances of a successful holiday season.