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Florida headlines in divorce case of Jesse Jackson Jr.

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Alimony

Certain readers may have read news coverage of the end of the marriage between Jesse Jackson, Jr., and his wife, Sandi Jackson. The couple have been in the headlines in recent years after they were accused of misappropriating campaign funds that were intended for use in Jackson’s congressional run. After serving time in prison for those events, the couple is now preparing to go back to court to iron out the details of their divorce, which is making news in Florida and across the nation.

The parties are at odds over where their divorce case should be heard. Jesse Jackson, Jr., insists that the case be heard in Chicago, where both parties worked as public servants and where they have a home. Sandi Jackson, on the other hand, wants the case heard in Washington, D.C., where they also have a house and where their children have gone to school. A hearing is scheduled to discuss the jurisdiction issue.

It is reported that Sandi Jackson is pursuing alimony in the divorce. She is also seeking full custody of their two children in addition to child support. However, Jesse Jackson’s attorneys have insisted that Sandi Jackson has been involved in certain unspecified activities in Chicago that should force the case to be heard there rather than in D.C.

Mrs. Jackson was served with divorce papers while she was serving a prison sentence. Faced with criminal charges, she entered a guilty plea for filing a false tax return. Jesse Jackson served time for mail and wire fraud in addition to conspiracy to commit false statements. As their divorce case moves forward, Florida readers will likely learn more about their marriage and what eventually led the couple to file for divorce.

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