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Child custody attorney to argue father is performance artist

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Child Custody

During the course of a child custody case, Florida parents sometimes go to great lengths to secure more time with their children. In some cases, these disputes become very nasty, with both sides making harsh allegations against each other. When the couple involved includes one or more high profile parties, those allegations often become public knowledge. Such is the case for Alex Jones, the man behind the controversial internet news show “Infowars.” A child custody attorney for Jones will soon make the case that his client is simply performing in his role on the show.

Jones and his ex are fighting over the care and custody of their three children. His ex-wife claims that Jones is unstable, and that his personality at home is no different than the persona he presents to the world. That persona includes rants about breaking Alec Baldwin’s neck, or hopes that performer J-Lo is raped. Jones also made threatening comments toward a member of Congress.

Jones is planning to respond to these allegations by asserting that his role on the show is akin to “performance art” and is no way indicative of his fitness as a father. However, his wife claims that the show is broadcast from their home, and that their three children are exposed to those performances. Due to the fact that Infowars is a controversial site that promotes extreme views and varied conspiracy theories, in addition to Jones’ inflammatory comments, that could cause problems in regard to custody.

As this case moves forward and Jones’ child custody attorney makes his case, additional details about the couple and a closer look at the behind-the-scenes elements of Infowars may become available to readers in Florida and other states. Courts are usually very sensitive to the right of parents to make a living in any way that they see fit, as long as those efforts are in line with the law. However, if the children are found to be exposed to the type of content that Infowars specializes in, Alex Jones may have to make some changes to his production process in order to continue to have access to his three children.

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