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Safe custody exchange locations for Punta Gorda parents

by | May 4, 2017 | Child Custody

Once a child custody determination has been made, many parents are able to settle into a pattern of civil, if not friendly, custody exchanges. For some, however, high levels of tension and a history of domestic abuse makes custody exchanges a nightmare. The following information is offered in the hopes of easing this process for Punta Gorda parents.

Some cities have set up “safe zones” where parents can meet to conduct child custody exchanges or to complete online purchase transactions. Those locations are often outside of local police stations or sheriff’s offices. They are not always directly manned with officers, but there are often cameras in place to record happenings, and an additional layer of protection in having law enforcement officers just steps away.

Once safe zones are established, the locations may shift over time. Parents should contact their local law enforcement office to ask whether there are custody exchange locations located nearby. If there is a particularly tense situation between parents, it is always possible to ask that an officer be present for a custody exchange.

In some cases, one parent will actively fight to avoid using a safe zone for a custody exchange. In such instances, Punta Gorda parents may want to consider going back to court to ask that secured exchanges be mandatory. Regardless of how the parties feel about one another, having a safe place to begin and end visitation periods can help children feel more secure. There is also something to be said for reducing tensions between parents, and a safe zone can accomplish that goal.

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