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Which Florida jobs have the highest rate of divorce?

by | Oct 26, 2017 | Family Law

A great deal of social science is focused on matters of the heart. Issues of courtship, marriage and divorce are often the subject of social research. A recently released study looks at which occupations have higher than average divorce rates. The answers may come as a surprise to some Florida spouses, while others will firmly agree with the researcher’s findings.

Among occupations with the highest divorce rates are bartenders, gaming services workers, telemarketers and many types of factory work. Occupations with the lowest rates of divorce include physicians, chemical engineers, scientists and software developers. Overall, it appears that occupations with higher salaries also have lower rates of divorce.

That is unsurprising, given the known strain that financial issues can place on a marriage. It may be that individuals who earn higher salaries are better equipped to weather marital difficulties than those who are concerned about keeping the lights on. Having a stable and well-paying job eliminates a great deal of stress for many relationships. Of course, many couples report that going through tough times creates a deeper connection and strengthens their bond.

For those in Florida who are considering divorce, these statistics may offer little comfort. It is also important to note that a higher rate of divorce in a given occupation certainly does not mean that everyone who holds that type of job will encounter marital difficulties. At the end of the day, statistics paint with a wide brush, while individual relationships are far trickier to define and quantify.

Source: entrepreneur.com, “The 10 Jobs With the Highest Divorce Rates, and the 10 With the Lowest“, Rose Leadem, Oct. 25, 2017

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