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November 2017 Archives

Should you keep the marital home in a divorce?

If you and your spouse are in a stalemate in your divorce, it is probably because you cannot decide on who should get the house. The marital home is arguably one of the biggest marital assets that many divorcing couples in the Punta Gorda area must split. It has more than just financial value. It is full of memories, and you have invested a lot of time, money and effort into it. 

A Florida child custody attorney can help you find solutions

If you are currently navigating or have recently gone through the divorce process in Florida, you are likely no stranger to challenge and stress. Depending on your individual circumstances, your experience may be somewhat benign or something akin to a living nightmare. Hopefully, it is the former, not the latter. In either case, a child custody attorney may be a great asset if the problems you are facing have to do with your new parenting plan.

Reality television star plans to divorce husband of 11 years

Most Florida couples would probably attest to the fact that the termination of a marriage is painful and difficult. Many couples do not realize the extent in which their lives are intertwined with their spouses until divorce negotiations begin. Unfortunately, some divorces can take a long time due to disagreements on the terms of separation. One reality star couple in another state is about to make a second attempt at legal separation after their first attempt failed.  

How alimony works in Florida

When preparing for a Florida divorce, alimony ranks among the important issues couples need to consider. Many people harbor misconceptions about alimony which may prevent them from understanding what to expect.

Do common-law spouses need a property division lawyer?

In some states, common law marriage is still recognized. This type of union occurs when a couple lives together in a committed relationship outside of the bonds of marriage, yet act as husband and wife. When things go awry, however, one partner often tries to pursue the other for property division and spousal support. In such cases, including in the state of Florida, a property division lawyer may be required.

Business owners can benefit from a property division lawyer

Building a business requires a great deal of effort, and many Florida residents spend years working to get their venture off the ground. When a divorce is on the horizon, dividing the value of that business can take center stage. The best way to move forward is to find a property division lawyer to guide the process.