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A Florida child custody attorney can help you find solutions

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Child Custody

If you are currently navigating or have recently gone through the divorce process in Florida, you are likely no stranger to challenge and stress. Depending on your individual circumstances, your experience may be somewhat benign or something akin to a living nightmare. Hopefully, it is the former, not the latter. In either case, a child custody attorney may be a great asset if the problems you are facing have to do with your new parenting plan.

If you and your former spouse are on fairly good terms, you may be able to devise your own parenting plan, merely seeking the court’s approval once you have both agreed upon all the terms. If, on the other hand, you can barely speak to the other parent, it may be best to ask the court to intervene. A judge can decide who should have custody of your children, where they will spend their holidays and who, if anyone, will pay child support.

Even after you and your former spouse agree to a particular arrangement, there’s no telling when obstacles might occur that threaten the peace and integrity of your agreement. In short, if both parties do not adhere to existing court orders, major trouble can arise. In such circumstances, it helps to have an experienced advocate by your side to protect your rights and help you obtain swift and fair resolutions to your problems.

By reaching out for support from a child custody attorney  at the Wallace Law Firm in Florida, you may be able to nip parenting plan problems in the bud before matters get out of hand. Getting divorced does not mean you are abdicating your parental rights. If someone is trying to impede your relationship with your children or keep you from carrying out your agreed upon parenting plan, you can do something about it in court.

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