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Reality television star plans to divorce husband of 11 years

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Family Law

Most Florida couples would probably attest to the fact that the termination of a marriage is painful and difficult. Many couples do not realize the extent in which their lives are intertwined with their spouses until divorce negotiations begin. Unfortunately, some divorces can take a long time due to disagreements on the terms of separation. One reality star couple in another state is about to make a second attempt at legal separation after their first attempt failed.

Kelly Dodd is a 42-year-old female reality television star. She appears on the cable television show “Real Housewives of Orange County” and recently revealed her intent to proceed with a divorce from her husband Michael. Michael and Kelly have been married for 11 years. Apparently, the couple filed for divorce about five years ago but decided to remain married when they could not agree to the terms of their divorce.

Kelly alleges that her husband’s moody and defiant behavior toward her has made it very difficult to remain married to him. She has also called him grumpy and alleges that they are no longer intimate. She is hopeful that the courts will grant her a bifurcated divorce. In a bifurcated divorce, the terms of property division are determined after the legal separation is finalized.

Most couples in Florida will likely not qualify for a similar bifurcated divorce. In Florida, a bifurcated divorce is used in extreme cases, such as a terminal illness, or other circumstances that dictate that the couple cannot wait to agree on asset division. Although divorce is an unpleasant experience and typically a longer process than desired, family law attorneys can assist through the process and negotiate on behalf of the client.

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