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Divorce is not the only time a child custody battle may arise

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Child Custody

Not every Florida parent facing contentious disputes regarding who should have custody of his or her children happens to be married. In fact, sometimes, child custody battles involve two parents who were never married to each other but have one or more children together. Rising NBA star Bryn Forbes’ current situation is an example of this.

The 24-year-old basketball player is the father of two young boys. He is not (and never was) married to the boys’ mother. The 25-year-old mother wants her children to live with her; however, they are currently residing in another state with their father.

The mother lives in Michigan, which is also where Forbes used to reside until he secured a sport as an undrafted free agent with the San Antonio Spurs in Texas. The two are now engaged in a fierce battle regarding the children’s custody and well-being. The mother has asserted that Forbes took her children to Texas without her permission. Forbes says he is disappointed that his former girlfriend has made their very private situation public, and that he took his children because he worries that their mother’s alleged alcohol abuse negatively affects their well-being.

Forbes also said the children’s mother suffers from depression and that, once he brought them to live with him in Texas, they began to thrive. The court will make the ultimate decision as to where the Forbes’ children, ages 1 and 4, should live. Any Florida parent (single or married) in need of assistance to fight a similar child custody battle can turn to an experienced family law attorney for support.

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