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No need to go it alone to resolve property division problems

by | Feb 7, 2018 | Property Division

Getting divorced is an intensely personal choice that might prompt either angst or support on the part of your extended family members and friends. The ultimate decision is no one’s business but yours, although it surely helps to have a strong support network in place as you move forward to a new lifestyle. A major bone of contention in many Florida divorces surrounds property division proceedings.

This state operates under equitable distribution principles. This means your marital property will not necessarily be split 50/50 between you and your former spouse. The court will determine what it considers to be a fair (or equitable) division.

This system sometimes leads to some serious asset problems, such as those that occur when spouses try to keep certain assets from being subject to the court’s discretion. In short, a spouse who wants to keep the asset scales tipped in his or her favor may resort to hiding assets, which is not only a nasty trick but illegal as well. If you suspect your spouse is stashing money or hiding other property that may rightfully belong to you when the court finalizes your property division order, you can take immediate steps to rectify the problem.

An experienced family law attorney knows just what to do to confront possible hidden asset problems head-on. At the Wallace Law Firm,  in Florida, we are full prepared to act on your behalf to halt hidden asset actions in their tracks. Anyone currently facing this or another property division problem in divorce may request a consultation to explore any and all legal options available.

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