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Will Bristol Palin need a child custody attorney?

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Child Custody

Married for just two years to the father of two of her children, Bristol Palin is now facing divorce. Her husband, a former Marine and recipient of the Medal of Honor, filed for divorce just recently, citing “conflict of personalities.” Because the couple went through a child custody fight prior to getting married, many in Florida believe that Palin may need an aggressive child custody attorney.

Some readers might recall that Palin, the daughter of former governor Sarah Palin, has already been through a high-profile dispute with her now-husband. The two called off their engagement and then wed six months after the birth of their first child. At that point, the child’s father made a strong bid for paternity and child custody rights.

There is no indication as of yet that the current separation between the couple will take a nasty turn. They tried to keep their divorce private by using only their initials in the court documents. That said, the fact that they clashed on the issue of child custody prior to marriage does suggest a willingness to hit the mats when it comes to their kids.

As their divorce moves forward, Florida readers may learn more about the relationship between Bristol Palin and her husband. The couple has been out of the spotlight for a couple of years, but if one or both hire a child custody attorney to fight over parenting time and rights, they are likely to make news in the coming months. Of course, having already gone through the initial stages of a high-profile custody fight, the parents may wish to spare their children from that process this time around.

Source: USA Today, “Bristol Palin’s husband files for divorce, cites ‘conflict of personalities’“, Andrea Mandell, Feb. 13, 2018

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