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A temporary divorce court order can give structure to separation

by | Mar 2, 2018 | Family Law

When a marriage ends and a Florida couple separates, there are typically multiple issues to decide. Life goes on, and in the time leading up to the divorce, there will be rental or mortgage payments, the children will need support, and if one of the parents was a stay-at-home parent, that person might need spousal support. It could take weeks, months or even years to finalize a divorce, and that is where a temporary divorce court order can play a role to give structure.

Such an order will set the rules by which the spouses must live until a final divorce decree is issued. If these rules are acceptable and work well during the separation, they might even form part of the ultimate settlement agreement. Child-related issues to include will cover who will pay child support and how much. Also, who will have custody of the children, visitation arrangements for the other parent, and whose responsibility it would be to carry health insurance for the children and pay for extracurricular activities.

The next matters to include are those related to property. The court will need a list from each spouse with incomes, expenses and the properties they own. The court order will define who will live in the family home and whether one party will pay the mortgage and utility bills, or would it be split. Also, who will use the family vehicle, and which party will make the auto loan payments. Property maintenance will have to be maintained, and there might be credit card debt payments to keep up to date.

Along with all this, the issue of spousal support must not be overlooked. The time leading up to the divorce can be extremely challenging, and having a supportive Florida divorce attorney’s guidance might be helpful. A lawyer can make sure the necessary matters are addressed in a temporary divorce court order while also providing valuable input that might ease the process.

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