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3 benefits of stepparent adoptions

by | May 31, 2018 | Firm News

When you enter into a relationship with somebody who has kids from a prior relationship, it can be difficult to navigate the new dynamics. This might become even more of a challenge when you marry into the family and find yourself in the role of stepparent. Some stepparents choose to take this role further and legally adopt their stepchildren. What are some of the benefits that this can offer?

There are many benefits, in fact, that adopting your stepchildren can provide. It is a significant gesture, but it is an important decision, too. Consider carefully whether it is the best option for your family by reviewing the following three benefits.

1. Minimize conflict

Conflict often exists between a child’s biological parent and the new stepparent. The stepparent might be the target of animosity or jealousy from a biological parent, and there may be a struggle for authority between the two. Adoption minimizes this conflict by solidifying your role as your child’s mother or father. When you legally declare your parenthood, it minimizes inequality.

2. Show your love

According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, stepparent adoption absolves a child’s biological parent from any and all responsibilities associated with parenthood. This means that the parent no longer has the obligation to pay child support. Taking on all responsibilities demonstrates an unparalleled level of love and commitment. Adoption can reassure your stepchildren of how much you care about them and their future.

3. Gain legal rights

In addition to demonstrating your love, adopting your stepchild will clarify any legal quandaries that may emerge. As the legal parent and guardian of your child, you have all rights that a biological parent would. This is important if there were ever an emergency or if the child’s biological parent ever attempted to regain custody. Assert your legal rights through adoption.

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