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June 2018 Archives

Florida residents could risk litigation over frozen embryos

Many people choose to create and freeze embryos in the hopes of someday having a child of their own. In some cases in Florida and elsewhere, however, this choice ends in a bitter legal battle with the party who contributed the other half of the genetic material needed to produce the embryos. Such is the case for "Modern Family" actress Sophia Vergara, who remains embroiled in a bitter child custody case with former partner Nick Loeb over their two frozen embryos.

Ask a family law attorney about estate planning needs

Spouses who are preparing to divorce have a long list of items on their legal to-do list. Among those items should be having a frank discussion about estate planning with their Florida family law attorney. If estate planning needs are left unmet, the outcome can be drastically different than what one intended. 

Not every Florida family law case signifies a failure

Far too many people think of divorce as a failure, a mark of a union that did not work out as intended. In reality, however, divorce does not always mean a negative end. In fact, some Florida couples decide to end their marriage because they recognize that they're both ready to move on to a new phase of life. When a family law matter is viewed in this more positive light, the outcome is usually better for everyone involved. 

Florida spouses can avoid negative health impacts of divorce

For those spouses who are considering filing for divorce this year, it may be helpful to also think about how the process could impact health and wellness. According to some experts, divorce can lead to serious negative health consequences for many. Florida residents who are preparing to end a marriage can take steps to avoid a similar outcome. 

Some Florida spouses can save on taxes if they divorce this year

The recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will lead to significant changes for many spouses. Specifically, individuals who divorce and make alimony payments will lose the ability to claim those expenses as tax deductions. The new roles take effect for all divorces made final after Dec. 31, 2018. That means that Florida spouses who are considering divorce should make a decision and begin the process as soon as possible in order to preserve this tax advantage.