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Not every Florida family law case signifies a failure

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Family Law

Far too many people think of divorce as a failure, a mark of a union that did not work out as intended. In reality, however, divorce does not always mean a negative end. In fact, some Florida couples decide to end their marriage because they recognize that they’re both ready to move on to a new phase of life. When a family law matter is viewed in this more positive light, the outcome is usually better for everyone involved.

People change as they mature. Very often, they grow at different rates or in different directions. In some cases a marriage can survive those changes, but for other couples, a divorce is the healthiest path forward. Being able to accept that truth is a remarkable sign of personal growth.

It’s also important to acknowledge that a divorce is an opportunity to take stock of your life and find areas where you can make meaningful changes. That doesn’t just apply to your relationship. Many people use this time to leave an unfulfilling job, try something they’ve always been intimidated by or enhance their spiritual life.

If you’re considering a divorce, try to reframe the way you think about ending a marriage. For many in Florida, a divorce is less of an end and more of a beginning. In this age of acceptance and “conscious uncoupling,” we might begin to change the way we approach a family law case. That could help spouses and their children move through a divorce in a far healthier manner, and with a positive outlook for the future.

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