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Communication tips for Punta Gorda parents after a divorce

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Child Custody

A new school year is challenging for many families, but for those who’ve recently gone through a divorce, things can quickly grow even more complicated. Figuring out how to navigate a child’s school schedule can be hard, especially when nerves are still raw and Punta Gorda parents are trying to settle into a new child custody arrangement. Good communication is essential and can help stave off resentments and contention.

Kids have busy schedules during the school year, especially as they enter the higher grade levels. That’s also true for kids who play sports or participate in musical programs, where practices, rehearsals, games and performances complicate scheduling. For parents who don’t have a good communication platform, something will eventually fall through the cracks, and the child is likely to lose out.

One solution is to use a shared online calendar to post all of the child’s activities. That option reduces face-to-face contact between parents, yet ensures that everyone is aware of the schedule. Being able to simply log on and check the week’s schedule can reduce tensions and prevent scheduling conflicts that could cause a child to miss something important.

Navigating the post-divorce waters can be difficult, but solid communication is a great way to make this time of transition easier. Thanks to technology, there are plenty of ways for Punta Gorda parents to share info in a way that is neutral and business-like. That can help everyone get used to the new order of things after a new child custody arrangement is in place.

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