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Divorcing a high-conflict spouse: Here’s what you should know

by | Aug 27, 2018 | Firm News

If you are getting ready to go through a divorce in the Punta Gorda area, it may seem like you are losing everything you have worked so hard to have. The stress, frustration and arguing might have you losing sleep and missing meals. Your partner may be argumentative and confrontational, but that does not mean you have to stick around and put up with that behavior to get what you want out of the divorce.

Many couples end up in high-conflict divorces. One or both partners find reasons to argue and cause delays and engage in behaviors that are less than becoming. Here are some ways to make your divorce less dramatic and contentious.

Keep moving forward

Dwelling on hurt feelings and the past is not going to make your situation easier to handle. Your relationship is over, and you should not allow your spouse to aggravate and bait you into overreacting. Try to stay calm and act as if your divorce is a business situation that requires the utmost courtesy and decorum.

Keep the apologies to yourself

You may feel as if you need to clear the air and ask for forgiveness for past hurts. Any apologies you give your partner may become admissible as a confession of guilt. You do not want to give your ex-spouse anything to use against you in court that could affect the settlement.

Get professional help

Sometimes, dealing with the end of a relationship and divorce can feel overwhelming. Instead of holding on to those feelings, you may find it beneficial to see a therapist for yourself and the kids. Talking about your feelings with a professional can help you come to terms with your feelings and the situation so you can properly navigate the divorce process.

Divorce is not easy and not always amicable. Arguments and confrontations are not always avoidable, but taking the high road and remaining respectful can help minimize conflict in your divorce case. Be sure to surround yourself with people who support you and do not forget to take care of yourself.

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