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Is divorce contagious among Punta Gorda social circles?

When someone gets a divorce, it often creates ripples through their social circle. Many Punta Gorda residents have noticed a kind of "divorce contagion" that happens among groups of friends. As it turns out, researchers looking into the matter have found evidence to support the concept that divorce can be contagious

Part of the reasoning behind such a trend involves the power of the "grass is greener" perspective. Watching a close friend move beyond a broken marriage and having a blast in the dating world can highlight the areas where one's own marriage has become stagnant. It doesn't help that many friends only share the interesting or positive aspects of their divorce. Few talk about lonely nights or tearing up during favorite love songs. 

Newly divorced men and women also usually have the time and freedom to rediscover old passions or hobbies, which can look very appealing from an outside perspective. Marriage requires a great deal of compromise, and time constraints mean that most husbands and wives have to prioritize their relationship over outside interests. Watching friends enjoy their newly found free time can spark subtle feelings of envy. 

According to researchers, spouses are 75 percent more likely to seriously consider divorce when a close friend gets divorced. If the friend is more of an acquaintance, the number drops to 33 percent. For those in Punta Gorda who are thinking about ending a marriage, sitting down with a family law attorney can yield answers to many questions and concerns, and help inform the decision-making process. 

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