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Some Florida parents want child custody records sealed

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Child Custody

There are some custody cases that contain salacious or disturbing details. For Florida parents involved in those cases, having all of the records in the case sealed can be an important consideration. That is the current focus of Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley. She’s currently asking a court to seal the records related to her ongoing child custody fight with her estranged husband.

Part of the case will include allegations that Presley’s husband, musical director Michael Lockwood, had disturbing images of children on his computer. Presley fears that the media will focus on any salacious details that emerge during the case, and that her 9-year-old twin daughters will someday read those details. She hopes that by having the records sealed, she can maintain a degree of privacy for her children.

It’s unclear why Michael Lockwood is fighting the request to have the records sealed. He may believe that Presley won’t make those allegations in court if there’s a chance they could become part of the public record. He might also feel that he has done nothing wrong and that allowing the records to be sealed could make it appear that there is something to hide from public view. Or he could simply want to thwart Presley’s wishes for the matter to stay relatively private.

The parties are scheduled to return to court in the coming months to revisit the issue. At that time, the judge will hear arguments from both sides before making a decision. He has already issued a temporary sealing and could make that decision permanent at the next hearing. That means curious Florida readers might gain very little insight into the details surrounding the high-profile custody case.

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