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October 2018 Archives

Making your mediation work for you

Going through a divorce can be an emotional and lengthy process. Thankfully, there are certain options available that can help to alleviate some of the stress and strenuous aspects of the divorce proceedings.

Florida spouses have post-divorce options for health insurance

Moving through a divorce requires quite the juggling act, especially for spouses who already have demanding work, family or community obligations. It's hard to cover all the bases, and it's not uncommon to discover after a Florida divorce that a few things fell through the cracks. It's important to prevent continuing health insurance coverage from becoming one of those things. 

Understanding the basics of alimony

For some Florida divorcees, the idea of making regular support payments to an ex-spouse is extremely uncomfortable. Still, alimony is an important part of family law that is not going away any time soon. To avoid being caught off guard, individuals who suspect they may be ordered to pay support may want to familiarize themselves with alimony, its purpose and the deciding factors that go into a court decision. 

Do Florida divorce rates rise and fall based on finances?

Divorce rates rely on a great many things, including social and cultural shifts. Financial shifting can also play a role in the number of divorce cases in Florida and elsewhere. It seems that when couples face fewer money struggles they have less motivation to remain in marriages that are no longer working. 

Consider a new credit card as a Florida alimony back-up plan

In many cases, a divorcing spouse has a fairly good idea of what to expect when it comes to spousal support. A skilled divorce attorney can review the family's finances and provide a decent estimation of how the property division process will work out and what level of alimony can be expected. However, it's not always possible to predict when those payments will begin, which can leave Florida spouses in a sticky financial spot.