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Celebrity experience could ease Florida spouses’ divorce woes

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Family Law

For a spouse going through a divorce, it can feel as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Not only do Florida spouses have an enormous list of items to address as a divorce moves forward, they also have little time to think about anything else. Factor in the many uncertainties that come with such a big life decision, and it’s not surprising that divorce is among the most stressful experiences anyone can have.

One way to get a new perspective is to take comfort from the perspective of others who’ve gone through their own divorce woes. In a recently published article, actress Jennifer Lopez shares her views on her own divorce, and how her life has changed since. For Lopez, her children served as a grounding influence even during the worst days.

Lopez took comfort in time spent with her kids, then set about finding ways to reach that same happiness in other areas of her life. She has since achieved impressive results in her career, her personal life and more. As she moves closer to her 50th birthday, her perspective has changed.

Of course, not everyone has the wealth, talent or good looks that Ms. Lopez has been blessed with. But everyone can take steps to change their perspective. For those in Florida in the midst of divorce, that can go a long way toward making the path ahead not only more bearable, but something to truly look forward to. That alone is well worth the time and effort of reframing a divorce experience.

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