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How a marital agreements lawyer can help prevent divorce

by | Dec 6, 2018 | Prenuptial Agreements

Far too many couples think about prenuptial agreements as nothing more than the outline for an eventual divorce. In reality, these documents serve many more purposes and can even help prevent a divorce from taking place. Sitting down with a marital agreements lawyer can be as beneficial as couples counseling for many in Florida.

One of the leading causes of divorce involves strife over financial matters. Far too often, those arguments occur because neither spouse was fully aware of what he or she was walking into on their wedding day. A series of in-depth conversations about money could have helped some divorced couples make changes that might have saved their marriage.

Part of negotiating a prenup is a complete disclosure of all income, assets, debts and other financial obligations. That includes credit card debt, student debt, child support payments, liens and even anticipated inheritances. Once those numbers are out in the open, the next logical discussion involves how each party views spending and saving. Before long, the conversations turn to whether one party expects the other to set a career aside to raise kids, how much debt to take on, and even when and how retirement will occur.

The information gleaned during negotiations for a prenup can help couples outline clear expectations for their financial future. That can avoid bitterness and resentment in the years to come. While spenders and savers take very different approaches to money management, that doesn’t mean they can’t be happily married to someone who shares a different view. In this way, working with a marital agreements lawyer can actually strengthen the bond between prospective Florida spouses, not weaken it.

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