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January 2019 Archives

How Florida parents can work together re child custody issues

When Florida parents who are married decide to end their relationship, their decisions automatically affect their children's lives. If parents happen to disagree about child custody issues, the divorce process can become quite stressful and complicated. If parents can stay focused on their children's best interests as opposed to a desire to "best" each other in court, it may be possible to use alternative dispute resolution to iron out differences and devise a successful co-parenting plan.

Florida spouses will watch Amazon's Jeff Bezos no-prenup divorce

Jeff Bezos, founder of online shopping giant Amazon, is headed for divorce from his wife of many years. With an estimated fortune of more than $136 billion, the division of wealth between the spouses will be of interest to readers in Florida and elsewhere. That's especially true because Bezos doesn't have a prenuptial agreement in place, and it's unclear whether the couple ever signed a postnuptial agreement outlining how their assets would be divided in the event of divorce.

Not all Florida child custody issues follow the same pattern

When you mention child custody, most people envision two parents pitted against one another in a battle to "win" parenting time and rights. In reality, however, some child custody issues in Florida follow a very different pattern. There are certain cases in which parents have to make incredibly difficult choices to do what is best for their kids, even if that means relinquishing custody to the state.