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How Florida parents can work together re child custody issues

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Child Custody

When Florida parents who are married decide to end their relationship, their decisions automatically affect their children’s lives. If parents happen to disagree about child custody issues, the divorce process can become quite stressful and complicated. If parents can stay focused on their children’s best interests as opposed to a desire to “best” each other in court, it may be possible to use alternative dispute resolution to iron out differences and devise a successful co-parenting plan.

A traditional court setting is often more adversarial than direct negotiations that take place outside a courtroom. For instance, mediation may be used to discuss important topics, such as physical custody, visitation or even child support issues. Parents who use this form of dispute resolution must be willing to talk to each other in an noncontentious manner.

Some people choose to pursue a collaborative divorce, which also takes place outside of court and is often less expensive than litigation. Litigation, however, always remains an option for those who find that alternative means are not working out as they’d hoped. An experienced family law attorney can explain each process and help a concerned parent determine which option may be the best course of action in his or her circumstances.

Divorce does not necessarily have to equate to a knock-down, dragged-out fight in court. A Florida attorney can help protect a parent’s rights and make sure that proceedings are centrally focused on what is best for the children involved. Parents who rely on experienced legal representation are often quite satisfied with the end result of their child custody plans.

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