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Why are older Florida spouses seriously considering divorce?

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Property Division

Divorce rates in general seem to be leveling off or even declining, but within one demographic, divorce is on the rise. Older Americans are making moves to end their marriages at more than twice the rate of 25 years ago. For many in Florida, there are a number of reasons behind this trend.

To begin, people are living longer than ever before. Many are looking to their 60s, 70s and beyond with hopes of continued good health and vigor. Staying in a marriage that no longer works for decades to come can be a daunting prospect.

Divorce is also becoming more accepted in American society. Even the Catholic church seems poised to change its thinking on the matter. Unhappy spouses don’t need to fear social banishment if they choose to walk away. For women, today’s society offers many more opportunities both in and out of the workplace, so there’s simply no need to remain mired in a broken union.

There is also the issue of choice. Americans enjoy expanded options, and that also applies when it comes to potential romantic partners. Today’s seniors can anticipate an easier path to finding someone new, whether it’s through social engagements or online dating services aimed at a graying population.

For those in Florida who do decide to move toward divorce, it’s important to understand the financial ramifications of a late-life divorce. Dividing assets and downscaling one’s lifestyle are requirements for most divorcing spouses, and knowing what to expect makes it easier to plan a new path forward. Working with a skilled divorce attorney is a good place to start.

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