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Social media and its impact on how people approach divorce

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Family Law

When a Florida couple decides to end their marriage, it requires that they divide marital property and address other important issues, such as child custody. In the age of social media, however, divorce may also mean an intentional extrication of two digital lives. Through Facebook and other social media platforms, a couple may find their lives entangled through tagged pictures, old status updates and mutual friends. This can add a new level of complexity to the process of divorce.

In many situations, divorce is not just a legal and financial transaction. It often requires an intentional decoupling process on Facebook. While the number of millennials getting divorced is lower than other demographics, many of them do find that social media often makes it difficult because of constant reminders online. As a result, some may find it necessary to unfriend people or even create a new profile.

Millennials may face unique challenges on social media when divorcing, but there are other ways their digital lives can make the process easier. For example, thanks to digital banking and online accounts, it can be less complicated to gather the necessary paperwork to complete the process. Digitally organized individuals can also communicate with their attorneys online, decreasing the need for constant in-person meetings.

A person’s online life can make it difficult for him or her to divorce, but it can also make it easier in some ways as well. Before making important decisions that can affect the future, a reader may want to discuss his or her options with an experienced Florida divorce attorney. By pursuing a fair divorce order, a person can look forward to post-divorce life, on social media and in reality, with confidence.

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