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Summer is almost over, but divorce rates are rising

by | Aug 27, 2019 | Family Law

As summer comes to a close, many Florida children are already back in school and their parents are trying to adjust to a new schedule. For many families, it is also a time of significant transition as many people choose during this particular time of year to move forward with divorce. While there are many reasons for divorce, summer break is often a time when it becomes clear that a marriage is no longer working.

The choice to end a marriage is never easy, and some couples take the summer to decide whether this is the right choice. Summer can be stressful and difficult, especially with the kids out of school, and by the time school starts again, parents may have decided what is ultimately best for their unique situation. Couples often view summer as an opportunity to rekindle their relationship or have more time to think about a potential divorce.

There are times when summer allows a couple the time and space to think about their relationship and work on their problems. It can also enhance issues and give clarity to a person who may have been struggling with whether divorce was the right choice. For older couples, August may mark a time of empty nesting, which may compel some divorce filings as well.

Divorce is an emotionally challenging process, no matter the reason. A Florida reader may find it beneficial to work with a legal advocate who can provide guidance and support as he or she makes important decisions for the future. With help, it’s possible to secure a final order that allows for security now and in the future.

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