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What happens if one spouse wants a divorce and the other doesn’t?

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Family Law

Making the choice to end a marriage is not easy. The lead up to this decision probably involved months of discussion, thinking and even sharp disagreements between the parties. Despite all of this, it is possible that one spouse will be ready to move forward with a divorce before the other one is. This may lead to the question, is it possible to stop this process in Florida once one spouse has initiated it?

In short, it is not really possible to stop a divorce if your spouse is intent on getting one. While there are certain things that the other party can do that will slow the process, it is rarely productive. Instead, a person will find it more beneficial to explore ways he or she can protect his or her interests during divorce and secure terms that allow for a strong and stable future.

A Florida judge may be inclined to grant a divorce if a couple has been living apart and has separate lives, even if one spouse wants to simply remain separated. Attempts to delay a divorce can damage a relationship that needs to stay intact and civil, particularly in cases where the two parties will have to co-parent together. This strain between parents can also negatively impact the kids as well.

It’s not easy to walk through divorce, especially one that is unwanted. This is an emotionally difficult process, but a person will find it beneficial to instead focus on his or her future. Allowing feelings of anger or sadness to dictate decisions could lead to a final order that is not sustainable or practical.

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