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When is co-parenting the right child custody choice?

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Child Custody

Children can suffer significant emotional harm when their parents make the choice to go through a divorce. Florida parents understand how important it is to make choices that allow for their kids’ long-term success, which may influence the choices they make for child custody. In some cases, families find that co-parenting is a good way to provide their kids with stability and security.

Co-parenting has many benefits as it allows for kids to maintain a strong relationship with both parents. However, this is not always easy for the parents. It requires that both of them remain in communication and commit to preserving the needs of the kids above all else. Some families find that working in conjunction with a psychologist or family therapist can also be useful.

One misconception about co-parenting is that the parents have to get along all of the time. This is simply not true. Florida parents don’t even have to like each other to make co-parenting work. They only have to be willing to put the needs of the kids first and work through disagreements together. It also helps to have a clear and thorough parenting plan in place.

Child custody is often one of the most contentious issues in a divorce, but it is possible to make it work well for every member of the family. Before agreeing to terms, a parent will want to discuss his or her rights with an experienced attorney. An assessment of the individual and unique situation can help a person if co-parenting is right for that family.

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