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Challenges women face during the property division process

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Property Division

Women in Florida who are getting ready to divorce likely know that they may face certain financial challenges in the weeks and months ahead. Statistics indicate that women fare worse than men do in the property division process and post-divorce income levels. This makes it especially important for a woman to prepare well and be intentional about pursuing fair terms in their divorce order.

One way that women can prepare well for divorce is to start gathering and organizing important financial documents. This will allow her to start identifying and valuing marital assets, all of which are eligible for division in a divorce. She can also close jointly held credit cards and start taking steps that will allow her to improve her credit. A woman may also find it beneficial to start setting aside money as soon as possible to start rebuilding her own personal savings.

Women also have concerns about their family home or where they can afford to live. They may also wonder about custody of the children and whether their income will be enough to support themselves and kids. This is why it is important to pursue fair support payments, whether it’s alimony or child support payments.

If a women is getting ready to divorce, she will find it beneficial to seek guidance as early as possible. The decisions made during the property division process matter, and it is beneficial to think long-term when pursuing and negotiating certain terms. An assessment of the individual can help a Florida woman seek terms that will allow her to be confident going forward.

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