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Helping your preschooler deal with divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2019 | Divorce

Parents have a difficult time helping their children work through a divorce in Florida regardless of a child’s age. At the Wallace Law Firm, we know that for some age groups, this is an especially challenging situation to work through. For example, parents who have a preschooler face a number of difficulties when it comes to helping their very young child process the divorce and move forward emotionally. From issues at school to emotional outbursts at home, depression and a loss of interest in activities, parents have to confront many concerns.

It is vital to do everything in your power to help your child understand what is happening and make sure that they do not feel responsible for the divorce or guilty in any way. Unfortunately, some young children blame themselves for their parents’ problems, which is very sad. Our law firm knows that it is incredibly difficult to approach these issues with preschoolers, especially if a custody dispute is ongoing or other major family law matters generate a lot of stress. Unfortunately, parents often have to work through legal topics that specifically involve their children, such as child support or custody, and these are some of the most challenging facets of getting a divorce.

However, parents can usually improve their child’s emotional state by simply taking the time to discuss these matters and provide answers to their questions. Moreover, reassuring them that they are loved is very helpful. Take a look at some other parts of our site if you are dealing with family law matters involving a child.

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