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How infallible are blood alcohol tests?

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2019 | Firm News

Has law enforcement pulls you over in Florida on suspicion of DUI? If so, they may have required you to take a blood alcohol content (BAC) test. While breath tests are the most common, blood alcohol tests are also a tool. Some consider this test to be very accurate, but are they completely infallible?

In short, no. Every BAC level test has an element of human error. For blood tests, the errors usually come into play in the lab. Lab technicians who draw your blood may leave the sample out for too long, causing coagulation. This can affect the readings. In an understaffed lab, tired technicians may mix up the results or the samples.

Your own body can skew the results as well. Do you have diabetes? What about high ketones? Any sort of illness or disorder that affects your blood sugar level can impact the results of a BAC test. Even your diet can have an effect. People who are currently taking cough or cold medication may have higher BAC levels. Even cough drops can be enough to change the results, just as they impact breath test results.

Additionally, your blood absorbs alcohol after your stomach and liver can no longer hold all of it. There is a delay in this process that can skew your results. You may be driving under the limit but testing over the limit because of the time that passes between these two points.

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