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What are voluntary and involuntary paternity?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2020 | Fathers' Rights

Fathers in Florida should be aware of the legal significance paternity holds. There are many different ways to prove a father’s paternity. This may be necessary for legal or personal reasons. Today we will take a look at voluntarily assumed paternity and involuntary paternity.

Involuntary paternity is often established through a paternity lawsuit. Mothers seeking child support payments bring these cases forward. Courts use DNA testing to prove if an individual is biologically related to a child. Genetic blood tests have an accuracy rate of 99 percent, making it a reliable tool in court. If results are positive, the court can then order the father to pay child support.

Assumed paternity can come in different forms. In these cases, the father often wants to involvement in his child’s life. For example, a man married to a pregnant woman automatically has paternal rights. Even if a couple is not married, the father can sign forms to gain paternal rights. There are different forms for couples who remain unmarried and couples who marry after the child is born. It is important for fathers to understand which documents they need.

Agreeing to put one’s name on a birth certificate or to support a child also grants a man paternity. The court can also grant paternal rights to a man who is not biologically related. He must have a strong relationship with the child and welcome the child into his home.

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