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What a father should do to obtain equal custody rights

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2020 | Fathers' Rights

Many fathers lack a clear understanding of their legal rights after a divorce, especially when their children are involved. Therefore, they may give up on the custody due to fear of losing the case in court. However, the rights of the mother over their children are equal to those of the father. According to My Domaine, they should document the times that they were not permitted to see their children. During the court session, they should bring these notes along with them. Doing so will enable the system to hold the mother accountable for interfering with their parenting time.

Similarly, they should hire an attorney, or they may file a pro se petition with the relevant courts to help them establish an equal parenting time with their children. They should desist from listening to the negative stories. Therefore, they should let nothing dissuade them from attempting to gain full custody or pursuing an equal parenting time.

Also, they should align up their finances. The financial costs that get associated with the battle for child custody should not keep them from fighting for their children. Similarly, their ability to provide for the children may get raised in court. According to Divorced Moms, they should not let their wives dictate how often, where and when they may see their children. Similarly, they should go through mediation before agreeing to have less time with their child. Therefore, if a push arises, they may shove for a full custody battle.

Besides, they should do what they know is right for them and the children. They should not muddy their heads with naysayers’ opinions or opinions from those who have been there before them. When making these decisions, they should let their hearts lead them to the actions they choose to take.

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