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What is a hardship license?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2020 | Firm News

Losing your driving privileges because of a DUI arrest can be a major burden on your life as it can keep you from driving to work or to handle tasks for your family. You may challenge the initial suspension of your driving license, but even if your challenge does not succeed, you might still reclaim some of your driving privileges with a temporary hardship license.

A hardship license provides you with a way to drive legally on Florida roads during the suspension of your regular driving license, though you may drive for specific purposes only. According to state law, hardship licenses come in two specific types. If you are eligible for a hardship license, you may apply for one of these types.

Business purposes

A hardship license available for business purposes does not mean that you only have to drive to and from work. If the state grants you this kind of license, you may drive to your workplace as needed, but you can also drive to fulfill work related activities. If your job requires you to drive, a business purposes license may allow you to drive for that reason.

This license also allows for driving purposes unrelated to your job. You may use this license to fulfill your educational requirements. You can drive to church if you attend one. A business purposes license also permits you to drive if you have medical reasons to do so.

Employment purposes

A hardship license granted for employment purposes is more limited in its scope. If the state grants you this kind of license, you may drive to and from your place of work. You may also drive for purposes required by your employer or occupation. Even with the more limited use offered by this kind of hardship license, some Floridians can still benefit from the ability to continue working at their jobs as they seek to resolve their DUI case.

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