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How can divorcees preserve your parent-child relationship?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2020 | Family Law

Florida parents like you want to preserve your parent-child relationship through divorce. This is often a daunting task, especially when you are juggling so many things at once. You must make sure your child’s well-being comes before everything else. 

Is there any way to preserve your parental relationship during a divorce? Though you may hit some rough patches and struggle, this is perfectly possible. 

Do not be furtive about divorce plans

Studies quoted by Psychology Today discuss ways to tell your child about divorce. This is the first area in which you can work on saving your relationship. How you initially approach matters of divorce can make a world of difference. Experts suggest that you tell your child sooner rather than later. Do not hide divorce from them. 

Know what to tell and what to keep quiet

Also, you should not go into detail about why the divorce is happening. But this does not mean you should not tell your child anything at all. On the contrary, you should let them know as much as possible. Tell them what the custody situation will look like. Explain the visitation plans. Let them know which parent is moving out. This eliminates some of the unknown elements and thus, fear of the unknown. 

Throughout the divorce and after, you must let your child know you love them. Reinforce the idea as often as you can. Provide them with emotional support. This is often hard for parents who are already struggling on an emotional level. But it is crucial to provide the safety and security that only a parent can. This helps your relationship weather the split. 

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