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Cyberstalking and divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2020 | Divorce

Getting divorced is tough for different reasons, but some people face unique problems due to a hostile ex. For example, some people become victims of cyberstalking and online harassment, and it is crucial for you to stand up for your rights if your ex is threatening you, violating your privacy or trying to hurt you through unlawful online activity.

Unfortunately, some cyberstalking victims do not realize that their ex is violating their legal rights and they fail to address unlawful behavior. The Federal Bureau of Investigation outlines a number of examples of cyberstalking, such as threatening to release nude images if one does not comply with demands (which is especially concerning with respect to custody cases).

How does cyberstalking affect people during divorce?

Cyberstalking can impact people in different ways during divorce. For example, some people become depressed, fearful or stressed out because of their ex’s online activity, which interferes with their ability to pursue favorable outcomes and focus on divorce issues (such as a custody dispute). Sometimes, people post lies about their ex on social media, track their online activity through computer programs, make threats and harass their former partner in various ways.

How can you protect yourself during the end of marriage?

If you are getting a divorce, it is crucial to protect yourself as well as your kids if your former spouse is harassing you online and violating your rights. Sometimes, people need to address these issues by reaching out to law enforcement officials and taking legal action to address what has taken place. Furthermore, do not allow your ex to bully you or intimidate you in a way that prevents you from standing up for yourself during the end of marriage.

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