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Paternity and custody negotiations

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2020 | Fathers' Rights, Paternity

As a Florida parent, you fight for what is best for your children and yourself when it comes to custody talks at the divorce table. While mothers have an easier job proving their genetic connection to the children in question, what matters is that you and your spouse have equal claim to custody negotiations in order to provide their children a fruitful life after a separation.

The general assumption may be that the busy breadwinner has less of a chance to gain as much custody time as a stay-at-home parent. Working to make sure the courts recognize your fathers’ rights is vital.

Proving you should be at the table

It may be obvious in some cases, but proving paternity is the first step to making your voice meaningful in the case of custody. Florida has a number of ways to establish paternity. Marriage beforehand, an unwed acknowledgement of paternity or marriage after a child is born are all ways a couple declares this. In a contested divorce though, the determination may require a court order for genetic testing.

Negotiating at the table

As Forbes details, there is a way to balance your life after divorce, your work and your kids. Your time as a father is as important as your former spouse’s and making it clear you are willing to manage your time can help more than overestimating your capacity. When it comes to child care and custody arrangements, the courts may include a work schedule’s flexibility in their considerations.

Learning more about your paternal resources and rights is key to providing your children the most fruitful time with you as possible. As a father, you deserve a place and a voice at the table.

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