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Is nesting a good solution for my divorcing family?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2021 | Fathers' Rights

Child custody can be an uphill battle for many fathers. Fortunately, the modern family law courtroom sees the importance of both the mother and the father in the child’s life. This is why joint custody is such a popular arrangement for families after divorce.

Even though the father’s role in child-rearing is important, this does not mean that joint custody is without challenges. Namely, living arrangements can be very complex. One way that many families are dealing with post-divorce life is with nesting. Instead of the children moving between two separate households, nesting involves the children staying in one house as the “nest” and the parents taking turns tending to the “nest,” much like birds do.

What does this arrangement solve?

Dragging children between two separate households can be very challenging for multiple reasons. If one of your children has special needs and requires certain medications or medical assists, moving that child can be very difficult.

Nesting can also help you preserve a sense of normalcy in your child’s life. Nesting is particularly popular at the beginning of a divorce. This will allow you and your ex-wife space from each other while preserving your child’s routine.

Where do I live when not in the house?

This depends on your particular arrangement. In short-term nesting, often the parent who is not in the family home will stay with other family members or friends. In longer-term arrangements, it is not uncommon for the parents to maintain an off-site apartment. Nesting requires good communication between the parents, so it is probably not a good option if you and your ex-wife are not on speaking terms.

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