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What do you know about strategies for fighting a DUI?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2021 | Firm News

Rather than roll over and accept the DUI you received at the hands of Florida law enforcement, you want to fight the charge. Even if you cannot eliminate the infraction, fighting it may reduce your sentence.

If you feel that this option makes sense for your circumstances, see what American Addiction Centers says about options for fighting a drunk-driving charge. Understand how a legal professional may advocate for your rights.

Unlawful grounds

You may not realize whether the arresting officer had proper grounds to pull you over. If she or he did not, this could serve as a way for your attorney to challenge your arrest and resulting criminal punishment.

Mistaken identity

Did the police arrest the right person for driving under the influence? Maybe you were not behind the wheel, but law enforcement put you in handcuffs, anyway. A case of mistaken identity could serve as a valid defense. Such mishaps rarely happen, so ensure that you have strong supporting evidence if you choose this criminal defense route.

Poor evidence

If you confiscate police dashboard camera footage of your arrest, it may prove that you were not drunk, swerving on the road or otherwise a danger to other drivers or pedestrians. Do you have a health condition like auto-brewery syndrome that could make it seem as if you had too much to drink, even if you drank nothing but water the day of your arrest? Perhaps someone can attest to your sobriety at the time of your arrest.

While it may seem like it, your DUI charge did not seal your fate. Consider whether to invest time and effort in mounting a defense.

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